Add a luxurious touch to your special day.

We pride ourselves in being fun, easy-going, responsive creatives who are passionate about designing pieces to elevate any occasion. Make a statement and infuse your day with details that make each moment unforgettable. Let us help you make your occasion even more magical!

“Marsh Made Design has everything you need to add a personal and unique touch to your wedding day or any event.”

“Even if Brian doesn't have something you are looking for, he can build it better than you imagined it. He is the best to work with!”

Devynn Crawford Events

Arbors & Custom Carpentry

Delivery, installation, and pickup local to East TN


Barbacks & Backdrops






We promise to respond quickly to your inquiry to first determine your specific design needs. From there, we will send your full quote, including your reservation information.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have a delivery fee that includes the installation and pickup. For rentals, we deliver within a 75 mile radius of Knoxville. Please contact us about freight shipping.

When do you deliver?

We have a solid reputation with local venues and planners. We communicate closely with them to schedule delivery/pickup so that you do not have to stress about it. 

Do our florals have to be removed before pickup?

Yes, please!

What do I do if I do not see the arbor I am looking for?

Message us! We absolutely love to bring your dreams to life. We can build your custom requests for you!

How tall is the arbor?

This information will be listed under the arbor details.

Can my florist attach flowers to the arbor?

Absolutely! Please do not use nails, screws, or staples. Most florists use zip ties or green wire.

We typically deliver the day before or the morning of, so your florist can decorate and pictures can be taken. We pickup the night of or the day after.

How long is my arbor rental?

“He can pretty much build you anything you want!”

My name is Brian Marsh, Owner and Founder of Marsh Made Design.

I have so much fun getting to build unique structures for one of the happiest moments of a couple’s life together. Our craft is a gift, and if we can have the opportunity to share that gift, we will put our full hearts into it.