What could be better than a bride who is a full time luxury designer? I’m not sure of much else, because that’s who came to us with drawings of a champagne wall like no other! Brittany and Gabby (Cause We Can Events) came to us with a spectacular vision of a champagne wall they could use as their seating chart. Brittany wanted an accident of wooden paneling that they could hang their neon sign on, and each of the champagne flutes would hold a small tag noting the guest’s name and table number. That’s all we needed to know in order to supply Brittany with just what she wanted!

Rose Moss Designs and The Copper Quail added the perfect details to tie the scene together. Drinks were set and served by Single Barrel Events and the party was on for Brittany and her guests at The Trillium Venue! Since creating this wall, we now offer it in black, walnut, grey, and any other color you can dream of!

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